Manage the time your kids spend on their tablets and smartphones


Limit Screen Time & App Usage

Parents can manage up to 5 devices -- both iPhone/iPad and Android (smartphones & tablets) -- for free from any device at Alternatively, parents can use the WebWatcher Parent App on their iPhone to manage any of their kids devices.

What Our Customers Say

Amazing app to get my kids off their phones and to sit down for a nice family dinner. The schedule feature works great! I have peace of mind knowing that  my kids cannot access apps on their phone at bed time.
Rachel, San Diego, CA
Killing all apps with a swipe of a button is awesome! No more screaming at my kids to get off their phones.
Elizabeth, Baltimore, MD

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I enroll my child's device in WebWatcher Screen Time Manager? 
To enroll your child's device, simply navigate to the Add Devices page and select either send a text message to your child's phone or navigate to directly from your child's device. Sign into your account and follow the step by step instructions to enroll this device in WebWatcher Screen Time Manager.
4. What does WebWatchre Screen Time Manager actually block acccess to?

WebWatcher Screen Time Manager blocks access to: All third-party apps (apps downloaded from the App Store), Internet Browsers (Safari, Chrome, etc.), and Several iOS components (Camera, FaceTime, App Store, In-App Purchases, iCloud Photo Stream). 

2. How does WebWatcher Screen Time Manager Work?
Parents are able to use WebWatcher Screen Time Manager to remotely and instantly block/grant their child's access to internet and apps either at-a-touch or through automated, recurring schedules. Management occurs through a profile installed on the child's device; during blocks, all apps and Internet browsers disappear.

1. By Schedule

2. On Demand

How To Pair an iPhone

How To Pair an Android

How It Works

1. Set Up Account

Sign up at to set up a Web Account (If you have an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) you can download the Management App for parents)

2. Pair Child Device

Go to the child's device and access or send the enrollment link from the Management App for parents via text message and follow instructions provided.

3. Set Up Sechedule

Log onto or access the Management App for parents to set up a Schedule to limit screen time and app usage (ie. Homework or Bed Time).

3. When I pause and then allow access why are apps in a different location?
As of right now, when you pause access, all apps will temporarily disappear until you allow access again. At that time, they will reappear, but in alphabetical order as opposed to their original location. We are in the process of building a separate app that is installed on the device to fix this issue.
5. Why doesn't WebWatcher Screen Time Manager block iMessage or Phone?
Safety concerns are a major priority with our team; WebWatcher Screen Time Manager never wants to restrict children's communication in the case of an emergency. In addition to this consideration, blocking iMessage and the Phone is not possible without Jailbreaking the device, because of Apple's restrictions. Technically, iMesssage can be restricted by parents within the Child's device settings, however, doing so defaults messaging to SMS, which is not free.
6. Can two parents manage the same child devices using WebWatcher Screen Time Manager?
Yes, management is possible from two separate parent devices if login information is shared.
7. Can I also monitor my child's data such as text messages, phone calls, photos and websites?
Yes -- WebWatcher also offers a paid subscription that does this, click here for more information.
8. What kind of devices can be managed by WebWatcher Screen Time Manager?
All iOS (iPHone/iPad) and Android devices can be managed by this App.

About WebWatcher

WebWatcher is the #1 rated Parental Monitoring Software, offering a full family of monitoring sfotware compatible iPhone, Android, PC and Mac. All WebWatcher products install easily in 5 minutes or less, are undetectable (thus tamper proof) and all recorded data is sent to a secure web-based account which allows you to monitor kids and employees at your convenience from any computer. WebWatcher allows you to monitor multiple devices (such as an iPhone and Android) from the same user interface so you get one unified view.

9. What if I do not have the same device type as my child?
Not a worry! You can manage both Androids and iPhones from a PC, Mac, Android or iPhone/iPad.
10. Is there a management app for Android?
Not currently, but coming soon! In the meantime, Android users can access the management website (from the phone's browser) at to manage their child's phones (both iPhones & Androids).
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